Holt United Girls FC was set up to provide football opportunities to girls in and around Verwood. Although we formed the club its members are very much the players!

It is up to us as parents and club volunteer’s to facilitate and organise this in the best way possible.

Our Aims Are....

○ To provide football to Girls of all ages and abilities, ensuring everything is focused on the girls having fun in an engaging and safe environment. We aim to provide the platform for our players to develop a life-long love of the game and make some brilliant friendships.

○ To offer a supportive environment
where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.

○ To encourage all ages to know, interact and support each other. It’s brilliant seeing the players acknowledge and offer support away from football regardless of age or team. We also like to promote lots of player movement up and down age bandings to provide challenges and aid individual development

○ To create Youth Leaders that help shape the club whilst "uniting and inspiring" the younger players. 

Please read our Ethos and club policies by clicking on the badge below

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Missed a payment or payments?

You may have noticed we are not particularly strict about collecting fees, we are much more interested in coaching!

We manage to keep delivering football to local girls by gaining sponsorship and having coaches that give up their time for free.

Fee's paid by parents cover around 25% of our expenditure on such things as:

County FA Registration/affiliation, Insurance, 3G bookings, Pitch hire. Match shirts and training courses and equipment

So... If you think you may owe some fees or would like to make a donation it would be very much appreciated!

for the 2021/22 season

Registration form is at the bottom of the page

You will notice our fee's are very low compared with other clubs and sports. When we formed the club one of the main criteria was for girls football to be as accessible as possible, low fee's go some way to ensure this. The fee's you pay are less than half of the costs of providing football for your daughter. We subsidise the remainder through gaining sponsorship. It's harder than ever to find sponsors, so if you know any companies that may be interested let us know!  

Once the form below is submitted you will be added to your teams WhatsApp group and be given a password for appropriate team page on our website.
Before completing the registration please ensure you have a passport type Photo of the player. This is required for league registration and has to be a head and shoulder shot with a plain background. Also a photo of birth certificate is required.

All old data and photos (including mobile numbers) will be erased as per FA guidelines and the new details will be used for all contact from 01/08/2021 and for the new season ahead.