Here are some of  the people involved with the club. We all try to remember what it was like to be a child and shape everything we do to fit in with what we would have of enjoyed as children!

Vice Chairman / Parent link

Kirsteen Harris

Real Job-

Nursery Teacher 

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Chairman and Coach


Brendan White

Real job - Product designer

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Club Secretary

and Coach 


Dave Walker

Real Job-

Project Manager

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Coach and Advisor!

Chris Berry

Real job - Police

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Nick Darch

Real job -

Deputy Headteacher

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Committee Member and Coach

Melanie Jones

Real Job-

Teaching Assistant

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Youth Leader Lead  and Coach


Haily Burrows

Real job -

Welfare and Safeguarding


Melanie Jones and

Brendan White

Co-Founder and Committee Member 


Helene Gee